31 July 2022
14:00 – 22:00

Floating University
Lilienthalstraße 32


(in)tangible transmissions is a sonic excursion into the sphere of invisible but present electromagnetic waves and aerial transmissions that spread inconspicuously in our urban and natural environment. On the open-air terrain of the Floating University, sound and concert installations together with a workshop and artistic live radio invite to radiophonic earth observations and collective ‘remote listening’.


14 – 20 Uhr Installations
Ioana Vreme Moser – Arboreal Receptors (2021)
Wouter Jaspers – Antennenfeld (2022, UA)

16 Uhr Workshop/Talk with Wouter Jaspers

17 – 19 Uhr Local Radioprogram »Portable Erschöpfungsgeschichten«
mit DJ Schlucht/Kate Donovan für mobile Radioempfänger
(+ Livestream at Cashmere Radio)

19:30 Uhr Concert Installation
Wouter Jaspers – Antennenfeld (live, 2022, UA)


Wouter Jaspers

During (in)tangible transmissions Wouter Jaspers will present his installation-performance work Antennenfeld. With self-made antennas Jaspers receives a plethora of signals from all wavelengths; from disturbances in the higher regions of the ionosphere, airplane and (sub)marine communication, electromagnetic disturbances from the city, the position of the moon and lightning strikes; all will be received, processed and re-transmitted to the audience.

Wouter Jaspers (Netherlands, 1986) is an electro-acoustic composer-performer, sculptor and musical instrument designer making use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient chasms and ear-splitting adventures.

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Ioana Vreme Moser
Arboreal Receptors

In the air, multitudes of human-made radio-electromagnetic fields expand inconspicuously as a large net in both urban and natural landscapes. Underground, entangled in roots, a different kind of network co-exists with ours, Mycorrhizal, fungal systems, cordially known as the wood wide web.

Inspired by the functioning principles of earlier experiments with tree radio reception, Arboreal Receptors converts trees into antennas to intercept the moments where these networks interfere with each other. Once activated in an arboreal collective, the instruments move in irregular patterns unveiling the clashes of natural and artificial informational systems.

Ioana Vreme Moser (b 1994) is a Romanian sound artist engaged with hardware electronics, speculative research and tactile experimentation. Dominated by alternative circuitry, bits and pieces of leftovers and subtle humour, Ioana’s work resounds in installations, sound sculptures, hand-made instruments, sound-performance setups or workshops.

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Photo: Bryan Zimmerman

DJ Schlucht & Kate Donovan
Portable Erschöpfungsgeschichten

Before the history of radio history, there were radio histories. There
were times and there were places, and there were patents and control.
There was access and there was freedom, and there was collective
listening. There was pre-technology and there were island holidays for
digital detox. There was also always a loophole, but the loophole’s
nature is misty and making use of it is like starting all over again
with no credit. If the loophole is used too many times it results in a
constant state of fatigue. Therefore it never became popular. So if one
wants to catch the histories from before the history of radio – building
an antenna might just not be enough & using the loophole is maybe just
too simple -. In Portable Erschöpfungsgeschichten Kate Donovan & Dj
Schlucht don’t do it simple. They will try to use the medium of radio and
its nature to walk & talk through the intangible part of radio history
and what it says about its plural.

DJ Schlucht

Markus Stein aka DJ Schlucht is an artist, DJ and radio maker. Markus makes experimental internet radio, amongst other things. He is known for his programme D.I.Y. Church, a weekly live internet radio show at Cashmere Radio designed as an online sculpture that shares the freedom of speech with a special guest. Markus brings his studio with him and broadcasts from bars, art schools, embassies, clubs and so on… Markus made himself a name with abstract social behaviour online and in real live as well as naive ghost coding and tape looping.


Kate Donovan

Kate Donovan is a practicing radio artist, facilitator and researcher based in Berlin. Her artistic practice deals with radio in an elemental sense, in terms of frequency, transmission and interconnectedness (but also disruption and interference). With questions of science-fact, the imagined, physical immersion and the “environment” in mind, her research (and in turn, her practice) is an exploration of radio as a natural phenomenon, an artistic medium, and a site for resistance. Her editorial and organisational work in free and community radio fosters inclusion and experimentation.

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Artistic Direction:
Dr. Karin Weissenbrunner
Wouter Jaspers

Floating e.V.
Cashmere Radio

Graphic Design:
Malte von Gottberg

Funding Partners:
Funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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